We give you the low-down on Pepsi Battle of the Bands’ season premiere


The first episode of Pepsi Battle of the Bands season 4 aired yesterday.

We don’t know about you guys but audition episodes are some of our favourites and this one was a worthy kick-off.

There have also been some changes to the show’s format; in previous seasons, the bands were evaluated by the judges based on covers as well as originals. However, this season the bands will be producing a lot more originals.

Here’s what happened when we tuned in for the season premiere:

Oh, Ayesha Omar isn’t hosting this season

Hina Altaf is taking over the reigns for season 4.

We like the sound of this!

Neon came in with a bang and a new genre
Neon came in with a bang and a new genre

The first performance was by a band called Neon who performed an original, ‘Muscle Car’. They want to introduce a new genre known as ‘neo rock’ to Pakistani audiences. With a funky lineup, catchy lyrics and energetic instrumentations, the group impressed the jury.

Seriously, look at Fawad’s face!

We feel you buddy
We feel you buddy

They were shortlisted for the battle.

This duo came all the way from Canada for BoB!

Starzone definitely showed potential
Starzone definitely showed potential

Yep, two members of Starzone came to Pakistan for the sole reason of participating in BoB. That’s actually amazing!

The band’s female vocalist shared that she had also left her job in banking to come audition for the show. These guys performed an original, ‘Chalo Chalein’ and while there were minor glitches here and there, it was a track that resonated with the judges.

Oh wow, those vocal chords!

This guy is only 21...let that sink in.
This guy is only 21…let that sink in.

Auj, the band had been struggling for a decade and even had to sell their equipment in the past to record a song. They finally got their much earned spotlight; their head-banging performance on their original tune, ‘Lafz’ received a standing ovation from the judges who praised the band’s strong musical identity and direction and shortlisted them.

The lead vocalist, a new addition and only 21 years old, blew us away with some brilliant vocal fry!

Skehlaaj is one pun-loving band

Something about them reminds us of Tenacious D
Something about them reminds us of Tenacious D

The band’s name is a wordplay on ‘is ka ilaaj’ and consisted of a bunch of experimental metalheads. Performing an original ‘Dam-e-Dastageer’, they impressed the jury with their roaring, hardcore performance full of strong vocals and comedic lyrical content. One more name added in the judges’ shortlist.

Aarish makes a comeback of epic proportions and we’re here for it

Aarish is back with a vengeance
Aarish is back with a vengeance

Aarish, now a 6 member band instead of 4, from season three returned to participate again this year. Since last year, they had followed the jury’s suggestions, worked on their sound and came back determined to win it all. Presenting their original ‘Aarzu’, they made a strong comeback and rose to the high bar set in the Pepsi battlefield. The jury complimented on their mellow and heartfelt vocals and mature composition and arrangement.

While the band also received a few pointers to work on, they made the shortlist. Phew!

So many genres packed into one performance!

We have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of these guys
We have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of these guys

Seismic Tremors gave the last performance of the episode and sent literal tremors across the stage. They incorporated eastern classical as well as their secret weapon ‘rap’ in an extraordinary cover of ‘Sanwal Morr Moharran’ by Ustad Salamat Ali Khan.

They had an electrifying stage presence and Fawad gave them props for their overall performance and theatrics.

They too made it to the next round.

The winning band gets Rs5 million, a music album contract, concerts across Pakistan and lifetime royalties on their music.

And that’s episode one for you guys. Watch this space for more updates on Season 4.



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