Hanna Lake in Quetta


Hanna Lake is an alluring picnic place, situated near the city of Quetta. The lake has a vast variety of eye catching sights. The lake’s water is turquoise in color which gives a good contrast with the mountainous range around. You can take a boat ride or sit in the lake side restaurant and sip chai and enjoy the scenery.The lake is located a little short of the place where the Urak Valley begins and 14 km from Quetta. The reservoir was constructed during the British Colonial era in 1894, and is one of the main attractions in the city.

When people visit Quetta. One question that has always been asked and many times by almost every person is that which place in this city is the most beautiful one and even though it’s only the matter of perspective or individual choice, but most of the time the verdict is the one and only Hanna Lake.

  1. This lake has Golden fish which enhances its beauty and attraction.
  2. Restaurant and picnic places on shores of this lake presents a pleasant view to the sitters.
  3. Beautiful landscapes are really appealing that a person staring without blinking an eye.

It has survived and somehow maintained its beauty over time and with a little help from the government of Pakistan, it is still in its place having not retained full but almost all of its beauty. Built in the year 1894 when the British ruled this area, Hanna Lake is at a distance of fourteen kilometers from the city and has received wide accreditation and acclaim of being the most breathtaking and undoubtedly the most beautiful tourist attraction in the city but as it was mentioned before, it is a matter of perspective.  Way to this lake is also enjoyable and stunning.

Situated in the southwest of Pakistan, people who want to visit this lake can easily do so by travelling via local public transport available at the Government District office. Alternatively, private transport vehicles can also be booked to travel to Hanna Lake via the Tourist information Centre in Quetta. Boating facility is also provided by the administration. The lake has boats available that can be used by the tourists and other native people to go and see the beautiful place even closer. For sports lovers, there is a sports academy on one side of the lake so if you ever get tired of the water there is always a place where you can go. Then comes the whole situation of exactly how the lake looks during the summer and the winter season.

During the cold part of the year, the snow covers most of the lake making it supremely attractive and even then the number of visitors over there are surprising. Quetta is famous for its beautiful landscape and things have never been better in case of how the lake looks like in both summers and winters. During the year 2000-2010 the lake suffered water loss and then it was refilled. No worries though! It is now back to its former glory.



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