Famous Bumburet, Ayun, Birir and Kalash valley of Chitral Pakistan


Bumburet, the biggest from the 3 valleys, is also by far the most vacationers orientated. The road to help Bumburet twists as well as winds advertising the item climbs this rumpled, unwelcoming pile mountains to help pass around in to the pit on only 2,750 meter distances (9,000 feet).

The 2 and a half hour or so get goes throughout the verify stage as well as cost train station on Ayun, after which the street offices correct on the pile as well as a result of this pit, crossing a connect on the pit flooring as well as turning left in to Bumburet. The particular small town features 3 accommodations, like Taj Mahal, and that is simple by simply any expectations.

It’s a soft 3 hour or so walk, or maybe ninety days min’s vehicle get, by Bumburet, this middle Kalash pit to help Rambur, discussing a right start this connect on the pit flooring. Rambur offers a single simple within with easy meal as well as bed linen. It’s really the only Kalash-owned resort in the 3 valleys. There’s in addition an escape house.

From Chitral Pakistan the simplest pit to help approach can be Birir, ninety days min’s get by means of Ayun, but it’s difficult slog by Bumburet around only two, 600 meter substantial (8, 000 feet) pile.

Dotted all around these valleys are about 20 from the beautiful Kalash towns, their particular small, sq., but windowless two-story properties made from tiers regarding hardwood, rock as well as unbaked stone, numerous collection in to the part from the coves as well as hills.

The particular breaks within each start of the creating are stuffed with pebbles. The structure offers advanced on the centuries to help resist this repeated, quakes as well as globe tremors that will wrack this kind of getting together with host to these continents.

There are numerous holy areas in the Kalash Valley not allowed for their usually specifically lovely as well as revealed women whom, around their particular elaborately braided plaits, don distinctive dark-colored headdresses decorated with cowrie covers as well as switches as well as crowned with dyed feathers.

Wherever anyone go ahead Chitral Pakistan beauty as well as journey wait for this wanderer. In this article this robust as well as encountered start their particular treks throughout the substantial passes from the Hindu Kush, that type a single part from the narrow Afghan panhandle that will splits Russia by Pakistan.

On the Wealthy Valley anyone trail around vertiginous monitor that will usually appear to plunge, terrifyingly, lower this directory high cliff face, soon you visit this 4,260 meter substantial (13,890 feet) Shah Jinali Pass. The particular excursion towards the stunning peak is generally heavy within excellent skiing conditions.

You can then adhere to this tracks along as well as beneath the ridgebacks of those difficult piles to help 4,500 meter substantial (15,000 feet) Darkot Pass, this course obtained by simply Oriental invaders greater than 1,000 years back, into Gilgit plus the riven complex cardiovascular from the area’s stunning ravines as well as highs.

Other treks will include a peaceful adventure throughout the wonderful pine forested acres by Drosh to help Madaklasht, eastern side regarding Chitral Pakistan, and also to Koghozi or maybe you’ll be able to travel in to the foothills regarding Tirich Mir or maybe Swat pit. You can get these tips by PTDC of Chitral Pakistan or maybe neighborhood government bodies.



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