Jahangir Khan – Squash


Jahangir Khan, born on December 10, 1963, in Karachi, is a former World No. 1 Professional Squash player from Pakistan. Due to his achievements we put him at No 1st in our list Moin Akhtar (A Legend Pakistani Acter) once said that when he was in immigration at Sydney Airport a person saw his passport & said to him “ooohh… you’re from Jahangir Kahn’s country” Jahangir Khan is easily the greatest player in the history of professional squash Not just in pakistan but all over the world. he won an incredible 555 consecutive matches From 1981 to 1986 This is the longest winning streak of all-time for an athlete in professional sports. He currently serves as the President of the World Squash Federation, since 2002.



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