Ali Masjid, Khyber Agency


Ali Masjid is one which is situated in the Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw near Landi Kotal at the highest tip in Khyber Pass in the Pakistani area. The height at which this fort and the mosque are located is 3174 feet in the Landi Kotal region, to the West of Peshawar.

People have built a shrine at this place, believing that Hazrat Ali (RA A) visited this place. The pass leading to the fort above the Ali Mosque was broadened so that two fully laden camels could cross each other at one time.

Ali Masjid had been constructed in the remembrance of Hazrat Ali, who according to the local conviction visited this place and in this connection there is a mark of HAND, which local community consider it to be the hand of Hazrat Ali.

Above the Ali Mosque, a fortress was built by the British soldiers and also a burial ground where there are graves of those defense force personnel who died during the Afghan war. There are names of those regiments that participated in the Anglo-Afghan war which took place in 1842.



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