Libra Weekly Horoscope (01/10/2018)(08/10/2018)


You wouldn’t be an ambitious cardinal sign if you didn’t have lofty goals, Libra. But which ones to focus on first—and how many to juggle all at once? Tuesday’s quarter moon in Cancer helps you review your plans. If you’ve been biting off more than you can chew, get real with yourself. Set milestones that are achievable by the end of 2018 and then put everything else on a list to revisit after the New Year. Pro tip: Keep that list lean and mean. If you just do ONE big thing and do it masterfully, it will put a major feather in your cap. On the flip side, if you’ve lost sight of your true north, you’ll feel a gentle nudge from these moonbeams. Give yourself a challenging assignment, sign up for a session with a coach, or organize a few savvy friends for a month-long mastermind group. Once the key is turned in your ignition, you’ll be off to the races!

On Friday, amorous Venus turns retrograde until November 16, retreating through Scorpio until October 31, then pivoting back through Libra for the remainder of the backspin. This U-turn gives you a timeout to assess the trajectory of both your romantic life and your financial decisions. Have you been so swept away in a Cinderella story (or dreams thereof) that you’ve forgotten to keep your glass slippers on solid ground? (And, uh, how much DID you spend on those heels?) While Venus backs up through Scorpio and your sensible second house until Halloween, you may have to chill on the treats—and come up with a few tricks to get the books back to black. Just give your practical side the wheel again. It’s fine to be fanciful, sensual and decadent, but this year, you might have to do your birthday on a budget.

In love, a few abandonment issues could flare up. Be careful not to clutch too tightly to your love interest or the vibes could get suffocating. Should the “You’re going to leave me!” fears strike, call up a level-headed friend instead of making teary demands for reassurance. Stubbornness and righteousness could also interrupt your peaceful coexistence. Make a point to be a better listener, even if you’re upset. If you’re the rare Libra who backs down too quickly from a fight, this retrograde will give you a spine, and help you push back against any “strong personalities.” If the scales have been uneven, try to deal with it before October 31, when Venus slips back into Libra until November 16. Your trademark diplomacy might go on hiatus during that final two weeks of the cycle. In some ways, this could be a positive, especially if you’ve been beating around the bush instead of saying what you feel; but if anger and frustration have built up, don’t just rage on the ones you love. First, try to burn it off at the gym. Vent to your wise counsel of therapists and mentor-friends who can help you process your emotions proactively. Even while retrograde, Venus wants to help you bring back the loving feelings; not burn those bridges to the ground.

Above all, remember this: While you can’t control what other people say and do, you CAN take command of your own life. Do the 101s to get yourself grounded. Eat clean, get eight hours of beauty (and sanity) sleep nightly, drink more water than you do coffee, and move your body daily. If other people want to act the fool, well, that’s their business. Buffer yourself against their shenanigans by taking excellent care of yourself



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