Gemini Weekly Horoscope (08/10/2018)(14/10/2018)


Werk! The year’s only Libra new moon, on Monday, October 8, activates your amorous, glamorous fifth house and might just pull you onto the main stage. This is no time to play small, Gemini! If anything, a little self-promotion may be in order—but we’re not talking “aw-shucks, who-me?” humblebrags. This is your annual moment to step into the spotlight, not shun it. And if you’re being honest, there’s a part of you that kind of digs all the attention. This doesn’t have to feel like a narcissistic ego trip. Think about using your newfound “celebrity” to promote the good work you’re involved with, or someone else’s important cause or just to honor your own gifts and talents! This is a rewarding time for performers, artists and entertainers, especially if you’ve been playing with ideas for new work. Since the fifth house also rules your love life, be bold in your expression of love and, if there’s no one on your romantic radar, be fierce and confident in your pursuit. Not everyone’s going to be a keeper, but the more prospects you meet, the better your chances for finding a suitable one. Remember, new moons are starting points, so be patient and give yourself six months for this one’s potential to unfold.

Tuesday’s stars may inspire a dramatic do-over involving your systems, health or self-care, especially if you’ve been letting these important things run on autopilot (or run amok). That day brings a rare mashup of your ruler, mindful Mercury, and beautifying Venus (retrograde) in obsessive Scorpio and your well-managed sixth house. You might take a look around your home, office (and can we talk about your closets?) and get an inexorable urge to purge. Between now through October 31, you’ll start taking inventory about what simply “has” to go, what needs to change, plus any additions you want to make to Chateau (or Atelier) Gemini. Make your list, check it however many times it takes until you know precisely what steps you have to take to get your life streamlined. You might want to pick up a few Feng Shui tips to ensure that the energy is flowing and supporting your goals. And don’t forget about the health and self-nurturing part of the sixth house. Get some appointments on the books—whatever feels right, from a massage or chiropractic session to a couple of private yoga sessions to a regular meditation practice. It’s really true that you’ll reap what you sow!

On Wednesday, cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus (who’s retrograde) lock into a challenging square. Venus is paddling down the River Scorpio and through your systematic sixth house, making you more pragmatic and risk-averse than usual. You might even be a bit neurotic, worrying about the “what ifs” that have a two percent chance of ever happening. Meanwhile, Mars is lumbering through Aquarius and your optimistic and outspoken ninth house. Flowing into fantasy mode feels great, but then…reality strikes. Try not to make any hard and fast decisions midweek since your moods could change hourly. And while Mars may spur you to “call it like you see it” (and, oh, how many “flaws” you will see with Venus in your sixth house), do not unleash a critic’s diatribe on anyone you love or attempt to “coach” bae. (Neither will end well.) What you CAN do? Use this hard-boiled square to zoom in on a fault line in your key relationships. Address unfulfilled needs and desires so you don’t have a volcanic eruption. Prevention is worth a megaton of cure!



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