Libra Weekly Horoscope (03/12/2018)(09/12/2018)


Budget is not a curse word, Libra. It’s more like your December 2018 safeword, so use it liberally. From Monday until Thursday, Mercury—who is retrograde from November 16 to this Thursday, December 6—is finishing up his reverse commute in Scorpio and your second house of finances. Count all your coins…even the wish-making ones you tossed in the Trevi Fountain. This week is great for thinking about luxe objects of desire—hand-dyed textiles, classic Gucci cases with the double G—but put them on a Pinterest board instead of adding them to your cart before you have your safety net secured (and perhaps until the shadow of the retrograde passes fully on Christmas Day). Simple pleasures may be the best, if not the least stressful, this week. Preparing a fresh meal with wholesome ingredients can be as decadent as splurging on a five-course meal at an overpriced haute bistro. Issues at work may come into play, too, so beware those snarly interactions with colleagues that could leave you stewing. But if someone is stepping on your turf, don’t let this happen without issuing a complaint—to someone who can actually do something about it, not your water cooler crew. Meanwhile, tweak your finances a little so that you’re not only putting cash in your checking account but also planting solid seeds for your future. That includes cultivating a project close to your heart, quietly. Since retrogrades put a spotlight on the past, you may have a promising run-in with a former coworker, perhaps at a holiday shindig. Reunited and it feels so good—and profitable, too.

On Friday, motivational Mars and reactive Neptune meet up in your sixth house of healthy living—something that happens just once every other year. This serves up an important reminder to think of wellness from a holistic perspective. Little good will it do you to chisel your arms or develop a perfect six-pack if every crunch or bicep curl makes you feel worse about yourself. Better to leave the gym rats to themselves and surround yourself with encouraging friends who embody self-love from the inside out. Take your yoga off the mat by having a few empowering sessions with a life coach. Since this Mars-Neptune merger is in your sixth house of work, little things at the office could start to bug you big-time. Don’t be a doormat. Stand up for yourself without laying blame. Most crucial is staying on your A game near Friday and keeping relationships healthy. At the very least, hear people out before you write them off. You can come up with a constructive solution together, ideally one that doesn’t involve extra labor for YOU.

This Friday, the new moon in Sagittarius will revive your social spirit, getting you out of hibernation and into the world of incredible people who inspire and heal you. Even in times of uncertainty, nothing feels better than communing with your circle of supportive friends. Load up your calendar with cultural events and gather your tribe. Whether you’re hitting up a ticketed event or just meeting for casual drinks, pick up the entertainment director’s baton. And keep your guest list open! A BFF-grade acquaintance could pop up this week marking the start of a beautiful alliance, which might even turn into a professional or project-based collaboration over the coming half year.



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