Virgo Weekly Horoscope (03/12/2018)(09/12/2018)


You may be itching to read someone like a library book, Virgo, but for the first half of the week, you’d be wise to hold your tongue. Mercury is still retrograde until this Thursday, December 6—and its effects have been doubled since last Saturday, December 1, when the cosmic communicator slipped back into Scorpio and your third house of communication. Your analytical sign has a keen sense of discernment, but you can also veer into the judgmental zone. If you start critiquing and labeling people, you can expect to deal with some fallout. Check yourself before you offend someone important with a withering glance or eye roll. Acting like you’re “above it all” could even be worse than engaging in an air clearing dialogue this weekend. The best use of this Mercury retrograde finale would be to enjoy some reunions with old friends. Flip through the photos on your social media feeds. Somebody that you used to know (better) could be trekking down a similar path. Reconnect and see if your synergies might even lead to a more permanent partnership or collaboration.

Empowerment tip for Friday: Saying “I’m sorry” every time you turn down an unreasonable offer, drop a fork or splurge on something for yourself is not the path to self-love. As the workweek wraps with warrior Mars linked up to passive Neptune in your relationship corner, you are due to strengthen your backbone. Unless you’ve made a genuinely egregious error, all you have to do is own your actions and get on with your day. If you’re feeling a little unsure about this, practice the pregnant pause. Wait an hour (or a day) before you rush to clear the air from a so-called conflict. The good news is that people aren’t as sensitive as you think, and your silence will give them a chance to reflect on their own actions—and maybe even think about how THEY impacted YOU. Under this transit, a lover’s quarrel could escalate quickly, especially if you’re being snarky instead of direct. Don’t fall into a Neptune-Mars passive-aggressive trap. If you have a legit complaint, by all means talk about it, but remember: Timing is everything when it comes to bringing up touchy topics.

Earlier on Friday, the year’s only Sagittarius new moon lands with a soft thump in your fourth house of domesticity. Toss a Yule log on the fire and kick up your feet. This is the break you’ve been waiting for—although there are certain holiday parties and events you definitely won’t want to miss. But here’s your chance to bow out of the half-baked ones so you can unwind and recharge your prodigious batteries. This lunar lift spotlights your personal life, especially your friends and family. Have you been shortchanging them in the love-and-affection department? Reorder your priorities and give them top billing in your schedule. With your fourth house lit up, you could catch a case of Marie Kondo fever. Your organized sign will relish the chance to clear out whatever clutter might be lurking at Chateau Virgo, and then call forth your inner interior decorator. This new moon might inspire you to begin the search for a new home, possibly in a different part of town—or a different town altogether. Start the hunt, but don’t rush into anything. This lunar lift gives you a six-month window to find the perfect new place—or maybe just a “home away from home” that you visit regularly.



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