Aries Weekly Horoscope (03/12/2018)(09/12/2018)


Don’t make any snap decisions this week, Aries—especially not in the areas of romance or finance. Mercury is winding down its final four days of a retrograde that began on November 16. You’ll be happy to hear that this Thursday, December 6, the messenger planet will pivot back to its positive, proactive direction. Most of Mercury’s reverse commute affected your outspoken ninth house, which has been extra challenging for your shoot-from-the-hip sign. Since last Saturday, December 1, Mercury’s been backsliding through Scorpio and your eighth house of soulful (sexual) bonding and long-term investments. Getting that hotter-than-a-bonfire ex or questionable Tinder hottie out of your mind hasn’t been easy—and it won’t help matters much that this paramour could start pouring on the charm. But think twice before giving this person an all-access pass into your well-ordered universe. Same holds true for plunking down your hard-earned cash on any “see it, want it!” items or property. All that glitters certainly ain’t gold while Mercury’s retrograde. Plus, key information has yet to come to light and probably won’t until after the 6th. Whether single or spoken for, shield your field from the green-eyed monster’s grip. Having the messenger planet do backstrokes in this possessive sector of your chart could bring out your jealous streak. If you’re toying with snooping or Google stalking, don’t. This breach of trust will damage a relationship more than simply asking the offending party to speak to your fears. Coupled Rams may hit some stumbling blocks over a joint bank account or other shared resources. Instead of a blowup, proactively schedule time to hash out mutually agreeable terms—ideally AFTER Mercury resumes forward motion on Thursday!

Before you bid au revoir to 2018, are there any loose strings you need to tie up? For many Aries, Friday, December 7, could bring a blend of restlessness and introspection. That day, your ruler, hyperkinetic Mars, nuzzles up to soulful Neptune in your twelfth house of endings and healing. Under this bizarre mashup, letting go is as much about spiritual surrender as it is about regifting and recycling the things you no longer have use for. If you find yourself clutching to the past—even if you KNOW, intellectually, that you’re ready to move on—it’s possible that you have some grieving to do. So…feel your feelings! If you’re letting go of physical objects, take a moment to thank each one for what it provided or taught you. (For example, that a so-called bargain could wind up costing you more than just getting what you really wanted in the first place!) Every “thing” you’ve owned had a purpose in your life. The same is true for people who may be drifting away. But hanging on to them creates blockages, leaving no space for fresh situations to flow in. Clear your field, Aries, and become a magnet for the miraculous.

Later Friday, a strong gust of wanderlust blows in, as the year’s only new moon in Sagittarius awakens your nomadic nature. This lunar lift greases the wheels for an epic vacation—one that may take you further than “home for the holidays.” You don’t have to leave right away; just start planning and saving up. There might even be an educational component involved in the journey, like attending a retreat or going through a teacher training. Entrepreneurial Aries will love the burst of motivation this new moon brings. Get to work on that business plan or start hunting for seed capital to fund the first steps of your venture. You’ll be amazed by what evolves over the next six months!



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