These Celebs Went On A Social Media Cleanse And Here


In an increasingly cluttered landscape of communication, Innovative Biscuits has come up with a campaign asking people to unplug themselves from the internet.

With help from some of our favourite celebs, the brand is testing out how good it is an idea to free people from all digital drama with a quick challenge.

What’s the challenge?

Named ‘iDisconnect’, the campaign is urging people to take a break and truly disconnect from the chaos of their digital lives.

Taking cue from one of Innovative Biscuits’ most celebrated products, Innovative Digestive, the idea behind this campaign intends to connect us back to our physical environment.

What’s happening?

Celebs like Ahmed Ali Butt, Ahsan Khan, Ushna Shah, Hina Altaf, Sophiya Anjam and Munib Nawaz were invited to take up the iDisconnect Challenge and spend a day together to truly disconnect from technology and their busy lives.

Each of them were asked to surrender their phones and take part in various physical activities that included rounds of dumb charades, horse riding, tug of war etc.

Here’s a look at it all:

Here’s a look at all the activities the celebs took part in:

Ahmed Ali Butt, Munib Nawaz and their families faced off in a battle of human foosball and tug of war.


Ushna Shah and Ahsan Khan rode horses and ATVs in lush green fields


Sophiya Anjum and Hina Altaf experienced some fishing and boating!


Each of these celebs spent the evening reconnecting to the old trend of physical conversations and activities, and shared how they felt at the end of it all.

Here’s what they said:

1. Ahsan Khan says it was great leaving behind regular work routines and hang out with colleagues!

2. Sophiya Anjum urged everyone to try disconnecting from their digital lives to experience physical conversations like her!

3. Ushna Shah feels she totally needed some time off constant digital communication!

4. Hina Altaf believes everyone should at least take one day out of their busy digital routines to see what it means to truly connect back to nature.

5. Munib Nawaz feels everyone should know how to be happy without their phones!

6. Ahmed Ali Butt says everyone should disconnect from their digital lives every once in a while and celebrate some time off with their family and friends.

Do you think you can survive a day without technology? We’re taking up the Innovative iDisconnect challenge to find out!



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