Aquarius Horoscope (Aug 31, 2020 – Sep 6, 2020)


The thought of a little retail therapy could be very cheering, especially on Tuesday at the time of the full moon in spiritual Pisces. With feelings spiraling to the surface, you might find shopping is like a bandage that covers over any difficulties.

Treat yourself, but also consider connecting with a friend or trusted confidant and having a chat. Even if the issue is relatively minor, if it leaves you feeling uptight, share it. The burden may be halved by doing so.

The sun aligns with electric Uranus on Wednesday, and you may get a small gift or perhaps a windfall out of the blue. Something could come your way that surprises you but also leaves you feeling good inside.

Quicksilver Mercury moves into Libra and your sector of travel and adventure over the weekend, and the desire to get out and about could ramp up. If you need to let off steam, more frequent short trips could leave you feeling recharged.