Aquarius Horoscope (Jun 21, 2021 – Jun 27, 2021)


Your creative block is over, Aquarius! Celebrate! Mercury goes direct on Tuesday, moving forward in your pleasure zone and bringing forth all sorts of creative and innovative ideas to explore. Revel in media and entertaining activities that spark joy, including flirting.

However, things get serious again when the full moon is in Capricorn on Thursday. The moon lights up your privacy zone, encouraging you to spend time alone as you go over personal issues. Practice healing by ending things that are no longer serving you, and go easy on yourself.

Fortunately, love is in the air when Venus enters dynamic Leo on Sunday. The planet of love will be in your partnership zone for the next few weeks, making it an excellent time to form relationships: romantic, business, and platonic. Many people are going to be attracted to your weird little world, so let them in!