Aquarius Weekly Horoscope (24/12/2018)(30/12/2018)


Ready to get your holiday cheer on? With outgoing Mercury in your communal eleventh house this Christmas Eve (Monday, December 24), the last thing you want is a quiet night home alone. Even if you THINK that’ll make you happy, you’ll likely be working the phones right around cocktail hour to see who’s doing what. Regardless of whether—or how—you celebrate, this planetary position calls for some serious squad bonding! And because the messenger planet is aligned with sensitive Neptune, you could catch a serious case of the feels. If you have to work at all, try to wrap it up early or squeeze in a holiday lunch or at least a celebratory toast. If you’re due at a party or venue at a certain time, keep a close eye on the clock. Nebulous Neptune has a funny way of messing with plans, and you could cause some ill will by showing up late for a sit-down meal—or forgetting to bring the hostess gift!

You’re excited to gather with inspiring company on Tuesday—Christmas Day—Aquarius. A heart-warming huddle between the moon and expansive Jupiter in your people houses dials up the desire to hang with your inner circle, or at least your favorite friends and relatives. Set an intention to not sweat ANY petty stuff and to have the best possible time. People should be on their good behavior, and if you ease off the judgmental throttle, you might even discover some charming and delightful sides to people you’re not normally a big fan of. Talk about a Christmas miracle! And since la luna is energizing your partnership house, be sure to block out some quality time for bae, your BFF or the closest people in your life. Single? Stay open to new faces, especially if a pal makes a point of introducing you to someone. And thanks to expressive Mercury in your platonic realm, it might be worth thinking about someone from that camp “that way.” If you’re feeling a little flush, it might not be the Yule log—it could be the sparking up of a new and beautiful relationship!

On Saturday, passionate Mars pals up with alchemical Chiron in Pisces and your luxurious (yet pragmatic) second house. You’re SO ready to have an epic NYE on Monday. But the thought of blowing half a paycheck on some highlights, a mani-pedi as well as a killer NYE outfit might also feel a little…over-the-top. How can you be a baller on a budget? Make today the kickoff to a three-day planning period. While you’re in this practical groove, think ahead for Monday. Are your plans set in stone, and is everyone onboard for a luxe celebration? While New Year’s is the perfect excuse for a VIP celebration, starting 2019 further in debt for one night of party-making may offset the urge. Whatever you do get up to, double-check your reservations and, with healer-feeler Chiron’s guidance, make sure the setting will be welcoming for everyone in your party—and within their budget. And thanks to passionate Mars in the equation, you can look forward to some epic snogging, whether with your S.O. or a sweet eligible you recently met. The cherry on top? Knowing that a portion of the evening or weekend’s festivities benefited folks who aren’t quite as fortunate.



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