Aries Horoscope (Nov 2, 2020 – Nov 8, 2020)


This week brings you an extra dose of charm as Mercury finally turns direct on Tuesday. Now feeling the full force of Mercury in Libra for the second time, you have the charisma and diplomacy to achieve anything. Use this energy to get what you want in terms of romance and partnerships. You’ll be amazed by how well they turn out.

Speaking of communication and relationships, the next couple days are the perfect time to mend relationships that retrograde Mercury may have damaged. You are oozing with charm at the moment, making it an opportune time to smooth over any hurt feelings.

However, try to get this done early because Mercury squaring Saturn in Capricorn on Friday could cause a few bumps. This aspect could cause some tension at your workplace—your charms can only take you so far. Try to make peace for a change, Aries.