Basic Foods Used In Diet That Result In Weight Gain


Majority of the people around the globe are experiencing obesity, or termed as overweight. In order to control their fitness issues, people indulge into physical activities, including gym, yoga, swimming, running, cycling etc. But the main factor behind weight loss is correct eating, portion control or dieting along with physical training.

An exercise is a total waste without any diet, or correction in food consumption.

There are plenty diet foods, which are labeled as “low-fat,” “low-calorie” or “fat-free,” and mostly people seek in the supermarket shelves for these items so as to lose weight.

But, people are unaware of the fact that these diet foods are of no cure at all, but can harm an individual’s health.

Here are some of the diet foods which are considered healthy, but on the other hand they are the main reason behind weight gain.

1. Protein Shakes & Smoothies

Smoothies and protein shakes are on top trends on social media, communities, wellness groups etc. They can be nutritious and healthy to some extent, but numerous are having sugar & calories.

Such as, a ready-made smoothie contains almost 14 teaspoons (55 grams) of sugar in just 450ml bottle. And the protein shakes are packed with around 400 calories per bottle of 450ml.

2. Low Fat (Flavored)Yogurt

One of the taste making nutrient is fat, which elevates the taste & flavors of items. Also, when the fat is eliminated to lessen the calorie of some item, sugar is then added to produce flavor to that item.

Therefore, it is considered that in low fat (Flavored) yogurts sugar is added, which creates negative effect on the diet, weight loss & health. So it is better to consume full fat dairy than low fat dairy.

3. Freshly Pressed Juices

People on diet try to intake fresh juices made of fruits, vegetables or a combination of both, rather than consuming the fruit or vegetable as whole. Please note that all fresh juices are high in sugar & calories, and drinking them on regular basis can add up more to your daily calorie count, which can lead to weight gain.

Therefore, it is advised to consume those juices that are made up of non-starchy fruits & veggies, along with lemon in order to manage your calorie intake.

4. Sweeteners

While doing diet, many people on the first place cut consumption of white sugar, but do consume sweeteners as a substitute which are marked as “healthy”. Presently, in the market we have coconut & date sweeteners available.

These healthy sweeteners are not healthy at all, they contains high calories than table sugar and are tremendously elevated in fructose (it is a type of sugar which adds to insulin conflict and fat accretion).

5. Low Calorie Cereal

People try to find low calories cereals when they start diet, these cereals can prove themselves as low in calories, but are often loaded with sugars. Furthermore, low calorie cereals do not contains ample protein & healthy fats to keep you full.

Therefore, it is better to consume egg whites in raw, boiled or cooked form to fulfill the protein levels instead of any low calorie cereal intake.

6. Dehydrated Fruit

Dehydrated fruit is full with fiber, vitamins & minerals. But since it is smaller in size and much more sweeter than the normal fruit, it can be overeaten effortlessly.

Also, a dehydrated fruit contains more sugar & calories than a normal fresh fruit.

7. Protein Bars

Majority of the people use protein bars for a rapid, expedient energy boost up.

Some protein bars can be considered healthy & nutritious, while majority of them are loaded with extra calories, sugars & artificial ingredients.

8. Diet Soda

Diet soda is believed to be a healthy beverage, as it contains ZERO calories.

But the research has revealed that diet soda consumption leads to weight gain rather than weight loss. Also, people consuming diet soda have tendency of high blood sugar & high blood pressure than the people who are not using it.

Furthermore, the study says that Diet soda impacts negatively on gut bacteria, which elevates the risk of diabetes and other metabolic related ailments.

9. Sushi

Sushi can be a healthy or unhealthy meal, it mainly depends upon what it is made up of.

Such as rolls carrying tempura shrimp or sweet sauces are bundle of calories. However, those sushi rolls that includes healthy components such as fresh vegetables, avocado, fresh fish or grilled shrimp, brown rice instead of white rice can amplify the fiber intake.

Last but not the least, majority of the diet foods are labeled as healthy, but they are only annihilating your weight loss hard work. Although, diet is not considered as a healthy & best way to lose weight, instead portion control, cut down in sugar intake, no to processed food are your best friends to maintain weight loss in a longer run.



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