‘Being An Actor’s Daughter Helped Her’ – Sana Nadir Shares Her Experience In Showbiz

In the past decade, there have been some outstanding newcomers who dominated in the drama industry, to follow their path Jugnu drama’s newbie cast is ready to leave their acting stamp.

Express TV’s latest drama Jugnu’s cast appeared at the famous talk show Time Out with Ahsan Khan were the new entries Sana Nadir and Shiraz Ghazali along with Yasir Alam who has delivered some remarkable performances in his previous dramas.

The newbies pointed out some important aspects of being in showbiz and highlighted the nepotism in our industry.

Newbies in conversation with Ahsan Khan

The daughter of Hina Ki Khushboo actor Farah Nadir, Sana Nadir shared that her mom didn’t stop her from being in the showbiz side, but she urged me to complete my education first and then I can do whatever I want.

She elaborated, “My mom had one condition. She told me that I needed to get a degree and then I could do whatever I wanted. So, I gave her that gift and then continued on the path I wanted to pursue. That way I’d be happy and so would she.”

It’s not the first time, Sana appearing in a drama serial although Jugnu is kind of a breakthrough for her. Previously she worked in Badnaseeb, she also let everyone know that her parents didn’t stop her from pursuing acting as a career while on the other hand many of the parents don’t encourage their kids to choose acting.

She said, “Majority of the parents in our society do not prefer that. Even if a journalist tries to talk to their kids, parents pull them away from in front of the camera because they don’t want their children to be on TV.”

She added, “It’s very likely that a doctor’s child will grow up to be a doctor as well. It’s because of the kind of environment you have at home.

The parents are more comfortable with their child’s career choice that way as well since they are familiar with it. When you look at families that don’t have any actors, they rely mainly on hearsay that the media is such and such. So they end up staying in their bubble.”

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