Cancer Horoscope (Aug 31, 2020 – Sep 6, 2020)


This week’s full moon in your sector of new opportunities can shine a light on something. If you sense this might be right for you, give it a go. However, you might need to let go of something else first to take full advantage of it.

Venus in your sign opposes prudent Saturn midweek, though, and you could feel a little wary of someone and perhaps unsure of their motives. But this is a temporary transit, and things could be different a few days down the line. This might not be a good time to ask for any favors because they may not be forthcoming.

On the same day, the sun’s alignment with electric Uranus could coincide with an encounter that seems to wake you up. Just chatting with this person can leave you feeling refreshed and upbeat.

Finally, messenger Mercury’s move into your home zone over the weekend can be a call to get rid of clutter and get organized.