Cancer Horoscope (Jan 13, 2020 – Jan 19, 2020)


Last week’s intense energies may continue to linger. However, by the weekend you could feel a little lighter and easier within. The sun’s link to cautious Saturn and transformative Pluto on Monday can bring a sense of closure to a relationship issue that has been going on for a while.

Although there may be details to finalize and further discussions in the pipeline, there may also be a sense of freedom and release. This doesn’t mean that a key bond is going to end, but rather that an issue may be on the verge of being resolved, and this could take things to a new level.

Luscious Venus moves into your travel sector, though, so you may feel a yearning to get away from it all. If so, a trip could do you a world of good.

However, Mercury’s move into Aquarius and your sector of shared assets on Thursday could be a call to get your finances organized for your peace of mind. The weekend could see you splurging, though, so go easy.