Cancer Horoscope (Nov 2, 2020 – Nov 8, 2020)


Compromise is the key to your happiness this week, Cancer. Mercury goes direct in Libra on Tuesday, thank the stars! If you’ve been having some miscommunication issues, they will clear up now, and you shouldn’t have any major misunderstandings until next year.

However, before you breathe a sigh of relief, you aren’t out of the woods yet. Mercury will be in your family sector for a week, making you communicate a lot more with your relatives. They may want one thing, and you may want something totally different. Seek compromise wherever you can.

If you can’t compromise, you could have a family spat when Mercury squares Saturn in Capricorn on Friday, putting a strain on many of your relationships. Focus your energies on working toward solutions that satisfy everyone instead of just storming off or bursting into tears. Passive-aggressiveness won’t get you far this week.