Capricorn Horoscope (Aug 17, 2020 – Aug 23, 2020)


This week continues to be a deep dive, with the sun and insightful Mercury meeting up in an intensely emotional zone. Any revelations could enable you to understand what has been blocking your path to success and how you might resolve this. Often it’s due to stuck emotions that may have been there since childhood. Finding a way to work with these and release them can have a profound and liberating effect.

The new moon in the same sector on Tuesday is one of the better times to kick-start a business or financial initiative. Trust your instincts and you won’t go far wrong.

As chatty Mercury and the sun journey into Virgo and your sector of far horizons, you may feel a lighter and brighter mood surrounding you. The coming weeks can be a good time to take a course of study, learn a language, or travel if you have the time and inclination.