Capricorn Weekly Horoscope (31/12/2018)(06/01/2019)


A low key NYE might be your preference this year, whether you’re relaxing in a beach hammock or hosting an intimate dinner party with your three favorite people. At 9:20PM EST, energizer Mars goes into “battery saver” mode, nesting in Aries and your domestic fourth house until February 14. That’s not to say you can’t have a rollicking good New Year’s Eve. But braving the crowds could feel like overload, so if you’re still deciding on an itinerary, opt for more intimate gatherings, like a friend’s house party, or maybe even a soiree in your own living room. If you’re around people of depth and intrigue, you might stay out longer than expected, even seeing the sunrise while you’re talking about everything from your 2018 travel highlights to the state of the world. And who knows? The cozy vibes of a pre-party could cheer you enough to put on your dancing shoes and ring in 2019 at a confetti-strewn club.

You may be more in the mood to socialize on New Year’s Day when the moon and convivial Venus sync up in Scorpio and your collaborative eleventh house. If you suddenly get the urge to break out your leftover champagne for mimosas, send out a group text and see who wants to pop over for a spontaneous pancake brunch. Tell friends to bring their divination decks and vision boarding supplies. You can pull angel or tarot cards for the year ahead or collage your resolutions into something aesthetically stimulating. Your sign rules time, and you know better than most how precious every minute is. As you scope out the year ahead, make a point of prioritizing the people in your life who you count as your most rewarding connections.

Ready to leap off the high board, Capricorn? Heck, why not make it a swan dive? You might feel THAT unstoppable this Saturday, January 5, thanks to the surge of the solar (new moon) eclipse in your sign—the first to land in your domain since January 4, 2011! These hopped-up moonbeams could accelerate your 2019 plans. Before you know it, your “crazy little idea” may take on a life of its own—or a surprising twist that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. This is actually the first in a trilogy of Capricorn eclipses this year. (Mark your calendar for the follow-ups: July 16 and December 26.) With your attention so sharply attuned to the future, you could get ultra clear on the next, best steps for yourself. But close the opinion polls! Your friends and family might not understand the choices you’re about to make—but your heart and gut will know what’s right. Maybe they think you’re moving too fast or in a wild direction. Oh well! You owe it to yourself to go for your dreams, even if they don’t fit into everyone else’s vision of what is right for you.

If you need to secure any domestic details, Sunday’s stars help you get matters back in order. Game-changing Uranus resumes forward motion after a five-month retrograde that could have shaken things up at Chez Chevre. You may have felt less social and more introverted since August 7, and tensions might have crept into familial relationships. But now, with the energizing planet blasting ahead, you’ll come out of your self-imposed shell and enjoy human interactions once again. You might realize that, to truly feel comfortable in your own living room, you need to make some changes. This could be anything from moving around furniture to creating a home office to pulling up stakes. This is Uranus’ last hurrah in this realm (it leaves on March 6, not to return for eighty years), so if you’re serious about changing your address, start the process now so you’ll be ready to call the moving van in the spring.



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