Change Of Weather Attracts More Visitors On Margalla Hills Tracks


Change of weather after recent rain spells has attracted more visitors on Margalla Hills tracks for sightseeing, jogging and hiking.

Margalla Hills, the foothills of the great Himalayas, are full of rows of flame trees, jacaranda and hibiscus. Roses, Jasmine and bougainvillea fill the scenic spots for the visitors and foreign tourists in Islamabad city, a report aired by private news channel said.

According to visitors, trail 3 is the real hike. Trail 5 is the most scenic and trail 6 is the most popular nowadays,” a visitor Mohsin Iftikhar said.

He said the beauty of Margalla Hills cannot be completed until its animal species are taken into account as the kids enjoy feeding moneys on the way though some wild animals are found deep in the hills.

Another visitor while jogging commented that “Trial 5 is the most attractive place for residents of capital after tough day of office routine and we mostly enjoyed special ‘Gur wali chaye’ here with our family members”.

Trial 3 is much more scenic in comparison to the other places of capital as we can see the face of entire Islamabad while going uphill, Dr Zubair said.

“Trail 5, has a nice spot with flowing beauty of water which attracts me most while enjoying evening walks, said Mehwish Subhan.

She said visitors enjoyed the cold evenings with hot tea and pakoras as beautiful Margalla trails were most admiring place these days.

Another citizen Saud Javed said Trials a famous place for adventurous spot and by the way a spiritual center in capital for adventurous thrillers with plenty of options to do, adding, the rushing waterfalls are home for many water sports.

Pakistan is one those countries that is blessed with the opportunity to enjoy all four seasons, said Ahmad Bilal.