Experts in Islamabad to assess health of Kavaan before shifting


ISLAMABAD: Kaavan was a bit reluctant to let three veterinarians come near it to assess the health of the 35-year-old elephant at Islamabad Zoo, Dawn has learnt through sources in the Ministry of Climate Change.

The three experts have flown in from Cambodia to assess the elephant’s mental and physical conditions.

They will sedate the elephant to perform necessary health checks before permitting Kaavan to travel to its retirement home in a 25,000 acre sanctuary in Cambodia.

However, the veterinarians need to get close to Kaavan before they can administer the right amount of anesthesia on the old elephant, the sources said.

The vets will assess its psychological, mental and heart conditions before they can allow the elephant to travel.

They will then present their findings to the expert committee overseeing the process of Kaavan’s shifting to Cambodia.

However, a few conservationists in the committee such as biodiversity specialist Prof ZB Mirza say the elephant might not survive the journey to its retirement home in Cambodia. Prof Mirza argues that even if it does make it, other male elephants might attack Kaavan and kill him.