Gemini Horoscope (Aug 24, 2020 – Aug 30, 2020)


The sun and Mercury in your home zone encourage you to take some time out to reset your priorities. But with energizing Mars in your social zone, a side of you might be eager to get out and mingle.

The start of the week could find you holding a grudge or wondering about someone’s actions, and this could leave you seething unless you’re willing to talk. Reaching out and discussing things can pave the way to a better understanding.

Lively Mercury’s angle to maverick Uranus and then jovial Jupiter can bring a spate of ideas that revolutionize your beliefs and give you a deeper understanding of yourself.

Plus, with lovely Venus in your money zone, there can be a tendency to indulge, perhaps because it leaves you feeling better. Something may seem to be perfect for you, but it could lose its sparkle once you own it.