Gemini Weekly Horoscope (07/01/2019)(13/01/2019)


You may find yourself—characteristically—of two minds when it comes to romance starting this Monday, January 7. Love planet Venus kicks off her annual Tour de Sagittarius and your seventh house of partnership, which can be more confusing than it sounds. Sagittarius needs to ride or die, while the seventh house speaks to commitment. You may crave both things in equal measure, but that will only serve to twist your knickers into ever tighter knots! Rather than reflexively react to situations that arise, stop and think through what YOU desire. (Actually, Gemini, make that FEEL your way through this. Your brilliant left brain will only send you in circles.) If you’re in a relationship, do some soul-searching. Are you getting your needs met? Do you still get excited about seeing your beloved? Can you imagine growing old(er) with them? If that was three yeses, then look at any reasons you might need a little, gasp, air. Perhaps you just want to pursue some of your personal interests that have nothing to do with romance. If you’ve been squabbling with bae, peacekeeper Venus can help you talk things through and get to the root of the problem—and potentially remedy it on a lasting level. For singles, weigh your need for security with your desire to be free to date with no restrictions. There’s no right or wrong here, Gem: It’s just a matter of being true to YOU. Over the next four weeks, you should get some clarity.

As the weekend begins, life may take a turn for the intensely seductive—or just the intense—as the Sun makes its annual collision with alchemical Pluto in your chamber of secrets and sexytime. Don’t be caught off-guard by an upsurge of strong emotions, which could range from unbridled passion to jealousy to anger that isn’t over anything in particular. Friday’s feelings could be all over the map, taking you on a roller-coaster ride that doesn’t seem to have a manual override. You might also have to plumb the depths of someone else’s inscrutable psyche, especially a person you’re involved with. Slip on your metaphorical detective hat and take nothing at surface value. Ask a few nuanced questions as only a Gemini can do, but bear in mind that with Pluto dredging things up in your subterranean eighth house, you’re probably going to have to deal with people’s shadow side. So before you begin your interrogation (and excavation), make sure you actually want to know what lies beneath. If all is well in the relationship realm, use this deepening transit to strengthen your bond or talk about what the next level of commitment might look like.

Sunday’s skies bring a very different energy to your relationships, from your romantic partnership to professional alliances to a creative collaboration. With expansive Jupiter in your dynamic duos zone for another eleven months, you’re working on strengthening all your key bonds. And on Sunday, the planet of growth forms an action-provoking square with compassionate Neptune in your aspirational tenth house. We’re not saying it’ll be easy, but this is a great opportunity to discuss long-range goals with your “other half.” If you’re not on the same page, explore how you can get back in sync. This is the first of three Jupiter-Neptune squares in 2019. The next two are on June 16 and September 21, but this theme will resonate throughout the year.



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