Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, who has been missing from the screen for some time now, is all set to entertain his fans once again as he announced his return to acting with his two projects.

In November 2019, Pyare Afzal’s famed actor Abbasi had announced that he is leaving acting to become a religious activist.

Recently, Abbasi was invited as a guest on Express Entertainment‘s new online game show Kasoti Online with Ahmed Ali Butt, and in response to a question from the host, the actor clarified that he has not left acting entirely.

The actor said that he temporarily took a break from acting a year back. He further disclosed that he is currently working on two projects, but did not give additional details.

In 2019, He uploaded a 23-minute-long video on Twitter, announcing that he is going to leave acting to become a religious activist and would work only to preach Islam.

“I will use all mediums–social media and TV to talk about God,” he said. However, the Waar actor said he is not leaving showbiz altogether.

“I will make films and dramas to give the message of God,” he said, adding that there will be no “inappropriate elements” in them.

He also revealed that one of the reasons he chose to do Alif was because it spreads the message of God. He also clarified that acting is not haram (forbidden) in Islam and that he is leaving acting because he wants to spend his life to just talk about God.

Hamza said he will keep on making more videos and addressing the misconceptions that are present in our society. “Oppose my videos or support them, but don’t question my intentions,” he said, adding that he has no hidden agenda behind his decision.

After the video, the actor later clarified that he just took a long break from acting and hadn’t quit entirely.

In December 2019, actor Humayun Saeed revealed in an interview with Masala that Abbasi would direct a film on nationalism. Saeed cleared that Abbasi just took a year-long break but he is not leaving the industry.

According to Humayun, the name of the film was not finalised, however, Abbasi will direct the film.

Theactor tied the knot with Naimal Khawar on August 25, 2019 in a simple ceremony in Islamabad. His wife Khawar had also announced to quit showbiz long before the marriage.

Abbasi began his acting career in 2006 in the play Dally in the Dark, which was produced by Shah Shahrahbeel.

He made his film debut in a short film, The Glorious Resolve (2010), directed by Bilal Lashari. In 2013, he appeared in two feature films, Main Hoon Shahid Afridi and Waar, for which he received the Best Star Debut Male and Best Supporting Actor awards at the 1st ARY Film Awards.