I’m Dr Umar Saif. Chairman of PITB, Computer Scientist and Entrepreneur. AMA!


Hi TIA community!

I’m Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman of the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). I am a Pakistani computer scientist and entrepreneur, who enjoys creating ICT solutions for developing-world problems. I have received my Post-Doc from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and completed my PhD from University of Cambridge, UK. I am the founder of Plan9 and PlanX, Pakistan’s largest startup incubator and accelerator and Vice Chancellor of Information Technology University, Lahore.

As the Chairman of the Punjab Information Technology Board, my work is to introduce technology in government using low-cost smartphones, of which has a transformative impact in Pakistan. I am happy to answer any questions related to:

  • Entrepreneurship in Pakistan
  • The developing startup ecosystem that has been supported by Plan9, PlanX & TechHub Connect
  • E-Governance in Punjab
  • Information Technology University

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UPDATE: Behind the scenes of this AMA

Dr Saif Behind the scenes