Indians Are Pissed After This Pakistani World Cup Ad Joked About Wing Commander Abhinandan


Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan’s arrest made him an overnight “celebrity” of sorts

The Pakistan Army took him under their care almost as soon his feet landed on Pakistani soil. And later in the day, a video of him was released by the Pakistani army to show that he was being treated with respect. The video went viral in both countries immediately.

Almost everyone agreed that they were happy to see Abhinandan being treated well. In the video, he is seen drinking (and later praising) a cup of tea and declining to answer any questions he is asked by the Pakistani army officials.

And now a Pakistani ad which has been making rounds on the internet seems to be poking fun at Abhinandan’s post-arrest video

The ad is by Jazz for Pakistan and India facing off on the cricket pitch in the on-going cricket World Cup. The questions being asked are related to cricket and India’s cricket strategy to which the actor replies with Abhinandan’s famous line, ‘I’m not supposed to tell you this.’

Naturally, Pakistanis seem to find the ad pretty funny

But the ad seems to have a struck a nerve for Indians who find the advertisement incredibly insensitive

Not to mention they’re raising concerns about the ad being racist, since the actor for the advertisement has visibly been made to look darker with makeup to play the role

Blackface as a joke has a history of being used at insensitive moments. This time, while the ad is certainly funny from a Pakistani’s perspective, it is also understandable how the blackface would rub some people the wrong way.



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