Leo Horoscope (Oct 12, 2020 – Oct 18, 2020)


Stop! Don’t move, don’t commit to anything, and don’t pull out your credit card. In fact, if you can help it, don’t do anything at all. On Tuesday, Mercury goes into its last retrograde of the year. While it’s good to think about future commitments, don’t make any serious moves for the next few weeks. Read the fine print on any contracts before signing them. Don’t just skim.

Fortunately, this week isn’t all doom and gloom. On Friday, the new moon is in Libra and your communication sector. This is the perfect time to brainstorm all your creative ideas and share them with others. You might come up with a genius notion.

If you have a problem, ask your loved ones for advice when the sun squares Saturn in Capricorn on Sunday. They’ll have some wonderful insights that didn’t occur to you before. Really listen, Leo.