Libra Horoscope (Aug 24, 2020 – Aug 30, 2020)


Fiery Mars continues in your sector of relating, and it’s beginning to slow down before it turns retrograde next month. On Monday, it forges an angle to prudent Saturn that could highlight a tricky situation. You may want an instant solution, but it might not be forthcoming. Sometimes the only way to deal with such matters is to completely let go. This enables things to work themselves out. The outcome might surprise you and be better than expected.

Charming Venus links to both jubilant Jupiter and underworld Pluto in your home zone, and there could be conflict with family members concerning your career. Are you being realistic about what you hope to achieve? It may be worth listening to them because they might see something about your present situation that you can’t.

Finally, if someone makes you a proposition over the weekend, get the facts first. It might not be all that it seems.