Libra Horoscope (Oct 12, 2020 – Oct 18, 2020)


Mercury goes into its final retrograde of the year on Tuesday, proving that honesty is truly the best policy. Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio, encouraging you to get to the truth of most matters, even if it means reviewing your own secrets. You’re usually willing to sweep things under the rug for the sake of keeping the peace, but expect to rock the boat to get the answers you need over the next couple weeks.

Fortunately, you get a little relief when the new moon is in your sign on Friday. This is a great time to start a new creative hobby like a book club, puzzles, or coming up with some brilliant ideas for work.

On Sunday, the sun squares Saturn, giving you increased energy and a spring in your step. Enjoy your good mood with a walk in the park to admire the colorful leaves.