Maheen Siddiqui

Out of all the young females who recently made their debut in Pakistani dramas, Maheen Siddiqui truly stands out. She is a graphic designer who started his showbiz career purely by chance by starring in Adnan Sami Khan’s Mein Tera video. Maheen loved everything about the experience and was later offered Minal’s role in the drama serial Dobara. Right from the beginning, she got appreciation from the viewers because of the way she translated this character on screen. Maheen’s soft-spoken dialogue delivery and the kind of role she has played in the drama contributed to her success. She is definitely one of those new actors you want to see more of. She is also another one of those newcomers who have a naturally likable real-life personality as well. We are very excited to see more of Maheen in Dobara and hopefully in other dramas as well.

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