Mirage wants you to keep going on with their new music video


Pakistani rock band Mirage has released a new track and it’s been a long time in the making.

Song ‘Barhe Chalo’ is featured on their second album Doosri Dastak, a music video for which has been in the works for a while now but according to Saad Hayat and Rehan Nazim, they “lost the footage we shot for this song a few years ago.”

“Last month, we shot six videos of our live sessions back at the studio. We’ve experimented with different styles this time and believe that each song will have a unique set of listeners.”

One of those six videos was for this track and to quote Coldplay, it’s all yellow.

The song is light-hearted and features the band performing in their studio, all dressed in yellow. The video manages to go well with the song.

Mirage has more in store for their fans, as they revealed, “These are going to be performance based videos with unusual setups and looks since every song has a very different direction of sound and feel. We wanted to keep these simple and effective. We are excited to be back and this time, we shall be a little more consistent!”