Pakistani trans superhero Bijli is ready to fight Covid-19


Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, multiple awareness initiatives have been released in an effort to educate audiences.

One such public service message, developed by Xdynamix Media features a team of five superheroes delivering the message of how to prevent the spread of the virus and also protect ourselves and others within our communities.

A character who stands out is one of Pakistan’s first trans animated superheroes called Bijli, who reiterates the need to pay attention to the physical and mental well-being of vulnerable members of our society – including children, women, the elderly, and minorities.

Leading the group and encouraging her team to aid others, Bijli herself extends a helping hand to an aged man with a disability.

“As the danger of Covid-19 recedes, we must understand that it is still not over,” says XDynamix.

“For the first time in Pakistan, a group of five heroes come together (while keeping a safe distance) under the leadership of Pakistan’s first animated transgender character, Bijli. Their message is crisp and clear: precaution is the only cure. Our heroes will not leave a single stone unturned to spread the message in their own special ways.”