PCB officials meet owners of PSL franchises


LAHORE: No fresh deadline has been set for the franchises’ owners of the HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) to deposit the bank guarantee money for the next edition of the league in the meeting held here on Wednesday between the owners and the PCB officials.

Later, the PCB issued a short press release, giving no details about the discussions held and the suggestions made in the meeting.

“A positive and constructive meeting was held on today between the Pakistan Cricket Board and all the HBL PSL Franchise teams. Participants engaged in good faith discussions with a view to resolving the outstanding matters, disputes and grievances,” the PCB press release stated.

“Both sides held healthy, candid discussions airing concerns and their respective viewpoints on outstanding matters. The PCB presented to the team owners a draft proposal which has been put together at the behest of the franchises who requested that the PCB explore a more equitable model. Both sides agreed to delve deeper into the proposed model with their respective financial and operational teams over the coming weeks and aim to resolve outstanding concerns and find a mutually beneficial position as soon as possible,” it concluded.