Pisces Horoscope (Aug 31, 2020 – Sep 6, 2020)


There’s a silvery full moon in your sign on Tuesday, so the week could start on an emotional note with a call to simplify your schedule. Bask in those moonbeams, though, and take note of any feelings as they bubble up. They might have a message for you. Dreams could be more vivid than usual now, too, so consider writing down any that strike you as meaningful.

There is a focus on your sector of relating that could find you eager to connect and communicate. With dealmaker Mercury aligning with powerful Pluto and prudent Saturn over the week, there may be things to discuss and decisions to make. However, cooperation and negotiation can be the key to making wise choices.

Talkative Mercury moves into Libra and a more intense zone this weekend, so discussions around finances and business could be very fruitful. You’ll also have an opportunity to connect with any deep-seated emotions, and by talking them through, heal them and let them go.