Pisces Horoscope (Jan 13, 2020 – Jan 19, 2020)


What are friends for? This is something you might have considered in depth last week when a powerful blend of energies may have brought change to your social life. If you decided to distance yourself from certain toxic relationships, that was a wise move. This week, you may begin to feel the benefits of your actions and realize that this is something you should have done long ago.

Still, as delectable Venus enters your sign on Monday, it can encourage a more compassionate stance. Don’t think of calling these people up and inviting them back, though, because chances are, you’d find yourself back at square one. Create firm boundaries and keep them in place.

Articulate Mercury enters your spiritual sector on Thursday, and you might connect with other friends who share your ideas and beliefs. It’s likely that they’ll be very much on your wavelength, so this could be very uplifting.