Pisces Horoscope (Nov 2, 2020 – Nov 8, 2020)


Mercury is finally turning direct on Tuesday, but it’s still not all smooth sailing for you yet. Mercury will be in flighty Libra until next week, making it difficult for you to stay on topic or make a decision. If you have any big decisions that could change your life completely, you might want to save them for next week.

Mercury will be in your intimacy sector for the rest of the week, encouraging you to take a step back and look at your mental process. How do you think about relationships? Why are taboos so taboo? These are the questions you should be asking yourself as you sink deeper into your mind.

Then Mercury squares Saturn in Capricorn on Friday, causing some added stress and pressure in your life. Don’t try to suffer in silence. If you need help, Pisces, ask for it. Your friends have your back.