Pisces Horoscope (Nov 23, 2020 – Nov 29, 2020)


You always think with your heart, Pisces, it’s what we love about you! However, when Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus on Friday, it might be time to use your head when it comes to a certain relationship in your life. Take a moment to analyze your relationship carefully and critically, especially if an event happened that caused some doubt. If it’s a strong relationship, it can hold up to a little analysis.

On Saturday, Neptune, your ruling planet, goes direct in your sign. After a long retrograde, moving forward in your sign gives you an extra boost of energy, imagination, and artistic ability.

This is a wonderful time to get in touch with your creative side, whether it’s decorating your home, baking treats for loved ones, or just having free rein to explore your inner world. Be careful. It could be easy to get lost in daydreams.