Pisces Horoscope (Oct 19, 2020 – Oct 25, 2020)


You’re feeling extra creative when Venus in Virgo trines Jupiter in Capricorn on Monday. You’re inspired, and the grounded nature of the earth signs can help you turn your ideas into reality instead of just daydreams. Use your creative energy to its full potential.

The sun leaves flighty Libra for fellow water sign Scorpio on Thursday. This is a good placement for you as you enjoy getting deep into your feelings and ride the emotional waves of life. Expect a lot of crying—but good crying—as you make some internal discoveries.

On Saturday, remember that no one likes a nosy meddler. As Venus trines Saturn in Capricorn, you may think you know all the answers about your friends’ current relationships. However, did they ask you for advice? No? Then mind your own business and leave them be. They’ll ask for your help when they need it.