Pisces Horoscope (Sep 28, 2020 – Oct 4, 2020)


Don’t make any commitments this week unless you have all the facts, especially when Saturn turns direct in Capricorn and squares Mars in Aries early in the week. Some unexpected delays and challenges could make an exciting adventure more trouble than it’s worth. Tread careful-ly.

Stay on your toes when the full moon is in Aries on Thursday. Keep an open mind and listen to any and all opinions, but don’t make it official yet, especially when it comes to issues of money. You don’t want to invest your cold, hard cash in something that doesn’t seem steady. Trust your gut on this one, Pisces.

Think before you speak when Pluto goes direct in Cap-ricorn on Sunday. An opinion you think is universal could put you in some hot water. Keep your mouth shut and your mind open as you listen to others talk about certain issues. You might even change your mind.