Pisces Horoscope (Sep 7, 2020 – Sep 13, 2020)


Self-esteem could take a hit when intense Mars goes into retrograde in fiery Aries on Wednesday. You’re sensitive by nature, so all this tension and conflict could cause stress and an impulsive need to shop. Look into ways to manage your stress that don’t involve buying a lot of things you don’t need.

As the sun opposes Neptune, your ruling planet that’s now also in your sign, it’s a good opportunity to examine your life. How are you turning your dreams into reality? How many of your desires are realistic? These won’t have “fun” answers, but they will keep you grounded.

Having said all that, there’s a possibility that something you’ve been longing for could become real when Jupiter goes direct on Saturday. However, while it may seem like random luck, only you know how much hard work it took to get there, so give yourself some credit, Pisces!