Pisces Weekly Horoscope (24/12/2018)(30/12/2018)


Go ahead and break with tradition this Christmas Eve, Monday, December 24. And reframe it as creating some new, personalized rituals! With your co-ruler, imaginative Neptune, in your sign and aligned with clever Mercury in iconoclastic Sagittarius, you might feel more connected to the spirit of the holiday—and your tribe—if you give things your own spin. Instead of the same-old carols, curate your own festive playlists. Make it a vegan-friendly feast (or at least, provide options for the herbivores in your fam). And rather than exchanging presents that may or may not be appreciated, make donations in your loved ones’ honor. Of course, you’re free to keep any and everything that resonates for you, from nibbling on Santa cookies under the tree to hosting an ugly-sweater contest.

Resist any temptation to “bang out just a little work” on Tuesday, which happens to be Christmas Day. Even if you’re not celebrating, stop yourself from adding that final coat of polish to a professional project. With #NoLimits Jupiter in your career corner forming an electrifying fire trine with the moon in your work and service sector, your thoughts may naturally drift to an unfinished task, but trust us, it can wait. There are people to see and places to be—and just pulling together your holiday “costume” could take a while. Channel those urges into creating a fun game plan for the day, perhaps starting with a potluck champagne brunch for everyone who’s not locked into other commitments. Remember: The call to do good isn’t limited to yourself and your inner circle. Is there a last-minute volunteer shift you can fill, or a contribution to a good cause you could squeak in before they close their books for the year? In the true compassionate spirit of this time of year, do it anonymously.

Saturday brings an epic mind-body-soul moment as healer-feeler Chiron merges with passionate Mars in Pisces, fusing your empathic side with your erotic one. If you have a date on the books, this cosmic combo could set a stage so dreamy, wedding planners and Instagrammers everywhere would be envious. Without having to do a thing, you’ll be in your hypnotically alluring element, so dress accordingly. If you’re still shopping for your NYE outfit, give yourself extra time—and see how far the budget can stretch without snapping. Even if you’re staying in with your special someone, you want to look your most fetching, if only for the photos. Note: This heavenly hookup can dredge up strong emotions, so plan to spend time with supportive and loving friends. Of course, nothing’s more therapeutic for you than dancing, so if you are going out—and your heels are vertigo-inducing—be sure to tuck a pair of comfortable kicks into your bag. And watch your “beverage consumption rate.” As the escapist of the zodiac, you know you can get a little carried away when the champagne starts free-flowing.



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