Sagittarius Horoscope (Aug 17, 2020 – Aug 23, 2020)


Are you eager to get away from it all? This week’s optimistic sun-Mercury line-up could find you browsing travel websites and perhaps looking to catch a bargain. If you have the opportunity and the inclination to get away, this can be a good week to chase the sun and enjoy relaxing on a beach or somewhere equally tranquil.

The new moon in the same sector on Tuesday could find you enthusiastically pursuing a new path. It’s a good time to connect with a life coach who can help you live to your full potential and adopt a new philosophy or new way of life that can open the way to greater happiness. And if you’ve been thinking of studying or getting some kind of certification, go for it now.

Your responsibilities come into focus from midweek as inquisitive Mercury moves into Virgo, followed by the sun on Saturday. Now is the time to set your priorities and get up to speed with your goals and ambitions.