Sagittarius Horoscope (Aug 24, 2020 – Aug 30, 2020)


You may feel strapped for cash early in the week, particularly if you want to enjoy a new experience or invest in learning a new hobby or skill. The trick may be to start small and take baby steps. You can expand when you have more money.

The sun and chatty Mercury are highlighting your sector of goals this week, so this continues to be a time when you can make progress with your ambitions. Stay tuned for new information, because opportunities may come from the least likely sources.

And with the help of lovely Venus in a more intense zone, a little charm can go a long way toward helping you close a deal or gain an important contract. Just don’t promise more than you can deliver.

Finally, there could be one opportunity that is greatly prized, and you might be tempted to manipulate circumstances so you can get it. Look into it very carefully, especially the fine print.