Sagittarius Horoscope (Jan 13, 2020 – Jan 19, 2020)


Positive Jupiter, your guide planet, is presently in your money zone and will be until late next year, so you have good fortune on your side. Still, it might not have seemed like this last week if intense energies coincided with a deep realization that something needs to shift. This may have been going on for some while, but now is the time for action rather than reflection.

Still, with lovely Venus moving into your home zone on Monday, her presence here could encourage you to nurture yourself and enjoy a little pampering. If you feel like beautifying your surroundings in a creative way, this is very much the time to do so.

Chatty Mercury moves into your sector of communication on Thursday, and this can be a call to network and generally connect with those who may be of help to you. Are you ready to launch a website, blog, or online business? This can be a good time to start.