Scorpio Weekly Horoscope (07/01/2019)(13/01/2019)


On Monday, January 7, amorous Venus strides into Sagittarius and your grounded, sensual second house until February 3, stoking your libido. You hosted the love goddess in your sign off and on since September 9—which may have caused some emotional ups and downs—and now you’ll be thrilled to get into a steadier groove. Are you in a committed relationship? Have you been thinking—but not necessarily sharing—your thoughts about next steps? Venus can give you the confidence to broach sensitive subjects. If you’re baeless, that recent (and extended) Venus-in-Scorpio phase might have landed a veritable parade of partners in your boudoir: fun and exciting maybe, but starting now, hookups won’t hold much appeal. Pay more attention to reliable, commitment-minded folks who seem to be equal parts stable and exciting. This is also a great cycle for scrutinizing your 2019 budget to be sure you’ve got a healthy savings strategy. Venus rules values, and the second house is about finances and security. In addition to socking money away, it’s important to allow some wiggle room for spontaneous splurges. Maybe create a budget line for “impulse buys” or discretionary spending.

You may be called upon to UN-button your lip on Friday, when the creative Sun aligns with your co-ruler, alchemical Pluto, in Capricorn and your third house of communication. This metaphoric mashup happens but once a year, and when it does, there’s no telling what transformations can result. You’re a force of nature, Scorpio, but what good does it do if you keep your superpowers under wraps? Being a keen sidelines observer is fine and good, but there comes a time when you need to speak up or take action. While some Scorpios might make the leap of faith on your own, others will need a little push. You can always test the water by getting more involved with the conversations going on with colleagues, friends and family. See how you feel—and how others react—when you share your unfiltered opinions, insights and suggestions. This transit can spark a powerful collaboration, so if you sense that someone is a kindred spirit, talk about your goals and explore potential synergies. The third house also rules local goings-on: Drop in on meetings, lectures and even open-mic nights. Lose the judginess, and you might be surprised at what develops.

Keep an eye on your wallet on Sunday, when no-limits Jupiter in your financial sector swings into a befuddling square with foggy Neptune in your risk-taking fifth house. Since your impulse control may be MIA, you may have to trick yourself into being temperate. Rather than whipping out the plastic every time something shiny or tasty comes into view, tell yourself you’ll make a decision on Monday. Take a picture or find another way to remind yourself, then move on. Chances are you’ll have forgotten—or lost interest—by then. This is the first of three Jupiter-Neptune squares in 2019 (the next two are on June 16 and September 21), so this may be a tactic you want to practice again and again until it becomes second nature!



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