Scorpio Weekly Horoscope (31/12/2018)(06/01/2019)


The moon is in Scorpio this New Year’s Eve, which gives you the astrological right to take charge of your celebration. Feel no obligation to follow the champagne-fueled herds through overcrowded parties…unless, of course you REALLY want to. But even then, you probably won’t stick around all night. At 9:20PM EST, feisty Mars, who’s been touring your party-hardy fifth house since November 15, switches gears and moves into your sixth house of self-care until February 14. No, you might not be “that guy” dancing on the bar until sunrise. But you might be lying in savasana at a candlelight meditation and sound bath…or at least the responsible friend who sips La Croix in between bubbly and makes sure no one gets left behind by the Lyft driver. If you happen to be traveling somewhere warm, find a spot in nature where you can look up at the moon and stars for your midnight “fireworks display” or follow the Brazilian tradition of jumping seven waves for good luck in the year ahead. Wellness resolutions may be on your mind with Mars in this position until February 14. As you say farewell to 2018, what unhealthy habits would you like to leave behind?

The “taking care of Scorpio” vibes carry on through New Year’s Day as the moon nuzzles up to pleasure planet Venus in your sign. Their combined forces will stoke your creative energy, so set yourself up with some art supplies and make your 2019 vision board. A picture says a thousand words when these two desire-driven heavenly bodies meet up. And next Monday, January 7, Venus will leave your sign after an extended on and off tour that began on September 9, 2018…and included a frenetic retrograde from October 5 to 31. As bumpy a ride as it was in some moments, there are beautiful lessons to be distilled. Make sure to do that this January 1, because they can help set the stage for a richly rewarding—romantically and financially—new year!

This Saturday, January 5, marks the first new moon of 2019, which also happens to be a solar eclipse in Capricorn. As a powerful portal opens up for partnerships, start casting for talented collaborators who might help you turn a passion project into something profitable. If you’re happily pair-bonded, the weekend could bring intriguing discussions about how you’ll combine forces over the coming six months. Don’t just go through the motions, Scorpio. You’d be missing out on the hidden blessing of an eclipse, which its power is to make us look in the shadowy corners we often ignore. Address the areas where the two of you could dig deeper or challenge yourselves to try a new technique. And since this eclipse is in structure-obsessed Capricorn, put production schedules and regular jam sessions on the calendar to ensure that these ideas don’t just wind up being pipe dreams. Careful not to swing to the opposite extreme and create a goal so lofty that it takes the wind out of your sails. Just map out a few inspiring milestones that you can achieve together by the corresponding full moon—a lunar eclipse—this July 16.

Another wave of self-care motivation returns on Sunday, January 6, thanks to a big course correction by game-changing Uranus. During a chaotic five-month retrograde, it was easy to slip into bad habits and hard to replace them with salubrious ones. But as the revolutionary planet gets back on track, you may turn into your own personal trainer overnight. Start by clearing the junk food out of cupboards and desk drawers and replace it with healthy snacks like raw almonds and citrus fruit. Ease back into working out with gentle yoga and cardio classes that don’t totally wipe you out. The goal is to find a routine that you actually enjoy doing—that motivates you and keeps you stimulated. If you haven’t been feeling 100 percent since early August (or November), innovator Uranus can bring some new healing modalities into your world. Ask holistically oriented friends for their best recommendations and keep an open mind. And once you’re feeling better, make prevention—through diet and natural technique—a top priority again.



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