Taurus Horoscope (Sep 28, 2020 – Oct 4, 2020)


Patience is a virtue that will help you greatly early in the week. Saturn goes back into direct in Capricorn and then squares Mars, causing some unexpected obstacles and misunderstandings. Just keep calm and carry on. You can overcome these challenges by waiting.

Issues concern-ing romance and finance begin to improve when Venus enters sensible Virgo on Friday. As a fellow earth sign, you enjoy the practicality and helpfulness that Virgo can offer you. For the next four weeks love affairs will become pa-tient, kind, and reliable, although also a little conservative and mod-est.

The struggles you’ve been battling for the last few months may have a victorious end when Pluto goes back into direct in your sector of phi-losophy on Sunday. If you’ve been debating with someone, you may reach a fa-vorable understanding or discover a new method to get what you truly want. Take advantage of this, Taurus.